Silicon Gels Among The Best Acne Scar Removal Cream

It is likely that you feel strongly about those scar marks on your face. They may look to you as remnants of a history that you would best like to forget. Scars may be tattle-tales signs of pigmentation due to over-exposure to sun, in the form of freckles or sunspots. Or they may be signs of acne breakouts of the past. Whatever may be the cause, scars are not good news to you or for that matter anyone. Treating scars can have options of the invasive or the non-invasive type. Most people, of course, would prefer the later.

Did you choose the right cream?

Even if you opt for the non-invasive method of treating scars, you need to be aware of the kind of product that you are using to combat scars. Often you may hear people complaining that they have spent fortunes in consistently buying and using scar removing gels or creams but without almost any effect. This is because those gels and creams were in all probability only loaded with moisturizers that do little good for scar removal. Topical products that are good scar removal cream are those that are formulated with the necessary ingredients.

Have you tried Silicone gel?

Among the variants of gel and cream, gels are lighter and are more effective in retaining the moisture of the skin which makes them more efficient. Some of the best acne scar removal creams are the ones which have gels with 100% silicone in them. They contain no other ingredients other than silicone so as to optimize visible results of scar removal. The silicone gel spreads out as an ultra-thin sheet over the skin and employs a self-drying technology in which the gel dries up in a span of three to four minutes. The manifest action of silicon results in improved texture of the skin as well as marked reduction in discoloration of the scarred spots.